At the end of the day, it's all about the work. Here's some of the latest and greatest.


Capitalizing on the humor and intimate knowledge of their technically savvy audience, this campaign, which launched in target markets San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas, utilized "code language" that a technology job seeker would understand and appreciate. The billboards won a prestigious Cannes Lions Award.


Quiznos' taste is a bold flavor explosion, one that consumers crave again and again, which led to the concept of Qrave. Qrave moments are subtle but always recognizable. The spots are set up to evoke the sensation of Qrave, while delivering relevant product and promotion information.

Krispy Kreme

There’s a lot to love about Krispy Kreme doughnuts. These online videos showcased the many reasons that Krispy Kreme should be a part of holidays and every day.


To position Daisy Cottage Cheese as a conscientious decision in a category considered somewhat homogeneous, we started with the simple fact that Daisy is 100% natural with ingredients you can actually pronounce.


The iconic Ball jar sits at the juncture between a centuries-old method and a modern means of self-expression. As new canners adopt the practice, we invited them in with an open-ended question – and an open invitation to discover their own potential.

March of Dimes

This website and TV spot are part of the ongoing refresh of the March of Dimes brand. Our solution was to stand for babies. All babies. We wanted to shift the focus from polio, birth defects and vaccinations to education about premature-birth prevention and healthy babies—and to make the personality of the brand more celebratory, energizing, fresh, inspired and confident.


When UMB asked us to help promote their personalized credit cards, we created this eye-catching outdoor campaign to emphasize the extent to which their customers would be able to match their interests to their card style.


Lee has been a dedicated partner in the fight against breast cancer with one simple philosophy: one day. one cause. one cure. That mantra has helped raise $83 million in 15 years with Lee National Denim Day. To keep it relevant and fresh in the ever-broadening cause landscape, Barkley enlisted everyman spokesperson Mike Rowe to bring his blend of quirky humor and "get things done" attitude to the campaign.

Santa Fe

After 20+ years bottling beer, Santa Fe Brewing Company needed a new brand identity for their canned beer that would stand out on shelves among fields of beer products. We created humorous and colorful packaging centered on the homeland from which this beer was born.