Allow us to introduce ourselves.

The Agency

Barkley is one of the largest employee-owned advertising agencies in the U.S. Ownership has its advantages. It allows us to attract national talent, retain that talent and increase every partner's passion because they have a financial stake in client and agency success. We are a fully integrated company.

The Building

The agency is housed in the onetime corporate headquarters of TWA. The airline built the building back in the 50s on the site of the former Muehlebach Brewery, nicknamed the Beer Castle. The exterior was renovated to resemble the original structure using TWA's signature red and white by Kansas City architectural firm El Dorado, while the massive 133,000-square-foot interior was overhauled by world-renowned architecture firm Gensler. The building has many green features, including a 25,000-square-foot rooftop garden.

All well and good, but here's the thing account executives and creatives geekout over: 23 conference rooms and 38 concepting spaces. Yeah.

In short, our building is pretty awesome. 

The Rocket

The rocket that sits on the roof of the Barkley building is a replica of the original 22-foot-tall TWA Moonliner II that once stood in its place when the building was the TWA corporate headquarters. It depicted what a commercial spaceliner might look like for commercial travel to the moon in the then distant year of 1986.

TWA was the Moonliner's corporate sponsor until 1962 when it was removed by the airline's new owners. The rocket was modeled after the original 76-foot-tall Moonliner at Disneyland's Tomorrowland attraction. At the time, it was the largest structure at the park adjoining the "Flight to the Moon" attraction, which later became "Mission to Mars" in 1975. 

The original Moonliner II replica now resides at the National Airline History Museum located at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. 

The Hood

Barkley is located just south of downtown in the Crossroads Arts District. With over 60 galleries in the neighborhood, it is one of the largest arts districts in the country. Each month on the first Friday of every month, the area holds an open gallery event know as First Friday. There is typically plenty of music, art and beer.