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The Purpose Series: MOD Pizza, a Brand with a Mission

The Purpose Series: MOD Pizza, a Brand with a Mission

NOTE: This column originally appeared in Forbes, where our EVP of Growth Strategy, Jeff Fromm, regularly contributes.

When brands operate around a central mission, clear advantages often emerge. Take MOD Pizza for instance, a brand with a mission of giving people second chances. MOD often hires people who need a fresh start, and when they engage these new hires, the company not only helps the employee but also empowers them to give their guests a better experience.

Why do purpose-driven innovators have an advantage? They build emotional connections with consumers as well as with employees. These emotional connections combined with a great-tasting product provide a brand tailwind.

Read more on Jeff's interview with MOD Pizza founder Scott Svenson how emotional connections give brands an advantage on Forbes, and look for Jeff's newest book: The Purpose Advantage: How to unlock new ways of doing business, available on Amazon this fall.

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May 29, 2019

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