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Consumer of the Future:
Full Report

Consumer of the Future: <br>Full Report

Full of noise, constant competition and easy access to just about everything, the modern market is congested with brands doing anything to stand out, while consumers too often respond by shutting off. Potent modern brands understand why: They listen to and study consumers, then evolve to meet their needs. 

It’s our business to help brands get to know their consumers, to connect with them through ideas that drive the entire spectrum of a brand, from business strategy to marketing strategy. And, ideas that are not just for now, but for what’s next. Our commitment to knowing modern consumers better than anyone inspired this latest deep-dive into modern brand mindsets and brand impact levers as they pertain to various categories. 

In partnership with Jefferies and Accenture Strategy, we conducted a proprietary survey of 2,851 consumers that studied consumer preferences and purchase drivers across multiple categories, including personal care & beauty, apparel, packaged foods and QSR restaurants. 

We investigated modern brand mindsets — or the cross-generation collection of behaviors and attitudes that a brand can leverage to drive performance in terms of share, growth and loyalty. These mindsets are informed by the impact of Millennial and Gen Z expectations of modern brands, as they form the majority of people engaging in commerce — the core of what we call modern consumers. 

Download the full report here.

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Jun 05, 2019

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