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An open brief for being a useful brand during COVID-19.

An open brief for being a useful brand during COVID-19.

With every hour and day that passes, you are making tough decisions about your business due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Supply chains are slowing, businesses are closing and consumers are living drastically different lives than just a few days ago. We understand there are no easy answers. 

We want to help. While we can’t solve every business problem, we do want to help you answer one question: “What do we do with the brand?” 

Today we’re sharing our perspective on relevant behaviors and actions modern brands should consider during this unprecedented time in history. 

The first action most brands have taken is to publish public letters reassuring their employees and customers that they are doing everything in their power to make stakeholders’ lives easier during COVID-19. Most of these letters are thoughtful and honest, and many of you have already taken this step. But what happens after the letter?

Our central POV: This is a time for brands to act fast in the coming months. And a time for brands to be as useful as possible by combining purpose + practicality. 

To quote Dr. Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization, “If you need to be right before you move, you will never win. Perfection is the enemy of the good. Speed trumps perfection.” 

There are examples big and small. LVMH in France went big and turned their perfume factory into a hand sanitizer factory. Going small, Disney+ released “Frozen 2” three months early for parents already fighting the stay-at-home work-from-home quagmire. 

The formula: combine your purpose + practicality to help in this time of need. One great example is Planet Fitness (a Barkley client). We worked with them to create a program called “United We Move” where the brand is hosting a Facebook Livestream “Work-In” session every day, designed to reduce stress and get a workout in from home. Simple. Practical. And straight from their purpose of “creating a healthier world through pressure-free fitness.” 

We’ve created a simple, but useful planning framework, along with a series of prompts to help you and your team create an action plan for the brand. 

It is our belief, as hard as this time is, that most brands should not stay on the sidelines. It’s time to get creative, get practical and help people through this difficult time. That’s what powerful modern brands do. And, that’s what people need right now. 

Thank you,

Jeff King, CEO
Dan Fromm, President

P.S. We are sharing a document on best practices related to working remotely. We distributed this to our employees this week, and hope it may be helpful to you and your remote employees.



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Mar 18, 2020

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Consumer Products, More, Restaurant, Retail
Consumer Products, COVID-19, Millennial, Purpose, Retail, Scratch, The Useful Brand
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