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On the power of influencers and meaningful moments during quarantine

On the power of influencers and meaningful moments during quarantine

From online diaries featuring free products to powerful voices living out brands in real life, influencer marketing has changed as quickly as the calendar years.

What hasn’t changed is the power of an influencer’s third-party, authentic product or brand endorsement: consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. 

When you follow someone, you’re putting stock in their content – you want to see what they have to say. This is amplified with an influencer who is likely churning out content multiple times a day. You develop a relationship – albeit behind screens – and trust what they’re selling.

Brands who understand this screen-to-screen relationship and the power of influencer relations, and do it well, see impressive returns. 

Now we’re faced with a new reality amidst COVID-19. As other communication channels pause, many are asking: Is this the time to execute an influencer campaign? 


Influencers can be a tremendous tool during this resource-crunched time. Our culture has shifted and as screen-time increases at home, so does the demand for content. 

Before you dive in, a few cautions to consider in this new landscape: 

  1. The ask of the influencer should respect mandatory social distancing; even better if the partnership remains 100% in-home.  
  2. The call to action for followers should do the same, with a tone of inspiration and entertainment. 
  3. An overall caution to “read the room” for each opportunity - look at the industry environment, product, and message.  

With that assurance in mind, here's more on why influencers are right for today.

Increasing content demand

People are home, and smartphone usage and content consumption are up across the board. And, the way people are consuming is changing: live streaming is growing globally and people are more open than ever to share themselves on Instagram Stories and TikTok. The result is increased engagement via likes, comments and shares, including on #ad content.

Content creation

Influencers create content for their own brand every day. Leverage this agility and creativity by having influencers shoot stylized content for brand channels. Then, having them share on their feed only amplifies the content more.

Flexibility in Influencer fees

Cancelled events and campaigns may mean your influencer network is open to new work that can be done quickly and in their home, all within more negotiable rates. This, tied with the increase in content viewership, therefore impressions, views and engagements, means more bang for your buck. 

Influencers are looking for opportunities to add good and support their audiences via philanthropy, education or joyful content. Work together to create these meaningful moments to share with a new and vast audience. People are looking for exactly this kind of content.




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Apr 09, 2020

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COVID-19, The Useful Brand
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