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An open brief to invent your future now

An open brief to invent your future now

Right now, we find ourselves in the Peak Phase of this pandemic. And while we’re unsure of how long this will last and what societal recovery looks like, we do understand that your responsibility is to continue to make tough decisions. This document is an extension of our first COVID-19 POV. Its aim is to spur thinking as you tackle those tough decisions and plan for how your business comes out of this pandemic.

As with our first POV, this is not a set of tactical ideas, but a series of frameworks and workbook-like prompts you can use with your teams (and ours) to help guide planning. While the current environment is challenging to say the least, we do believe opportunities exist.

Our central POV: Strong brands don’t go dark. They focus on useful innovation that will allow them to emerge even stronger than they were before this crisis.

During this time, traditional marketing and communication may not be your primary weapon. So, we are considering the whole brand spectrum, from business strategies to marketing actions. The more useful your brand can be right now, the better suited it will be for the future. And the more you plan a stronger recovery now, the stronger you will emerge.

When it comes to Barkley, the current economic situation has certainly had an impact, but we are happy to report our business remains very strong. This is made possible by a powerful and diverse set of client partners to whom we are extremely grateful, and our independence, which allows us to focus on taking care of our people and our clients.

We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy. Once again, thank you for your partnership.

Thank you,  

Jeff King, CEO
Dan Fromm, President


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Apr 15, 2020

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Consumer Products, Purpose
Consumer Products, Finance, More, Purpose, Restaurant, Retail, Sustainability
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