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Creating goodwill during crisis: what’s right for right now

Creating goodwill during crisis: what’s right for right now

As we enter the PEAK phase and look toward the RECOVERY phase of our journey through COVID-19, brands are wise to consider how they establish goodwill with stakeholders in order to survive and thrive following this pandemic. Here are some considerations to ensure a brand’s effort to create goodwill during a crisis protects and strengthens its reputation.

Purpose in Action+

Philosophically, a brand’s actions during this time should demonstrate its purpose. In other words, the actions should fall from the intersection of what the brand is good at and what the world needs [RIGHT NOW]. Right now is an important delineation in the evaluation of ideas; if an idea is not right for RIGHT NOW, it’s not right.

Care for Your Own 

A brand’s first responsibility is to its own people. Any consumer action will be trumped by inaction on the part of the brand for its workforce. Consider:

  • How has your brand put the care of its own people first? 
  • How is your brand supporting and/or providing for the safety of those still working? 
  • How has your brand supported those who are no longer working, and has it made concessions beyond what is required? 

Care for Your Community 

Brands have an opportunity to play a meaningful role in partnership with government, nonprofits and industry to help communities meet the enormous needs that are emerging and will continue long after. 

  • Think big and small: what big societal needs can your brand contribute to, and how can the brand behave and deliver on those in a hyper-local way?  
  • What industry partners and stakeholders in the community can your brand engage with to drive change? 
  • What resources does your brand naturally have access to that can be leveraged? 

Ultimately, behind every decision-point ahead of you is an opportunity to make your brand feel both more human and helpful. Those that get this right will find they quickly become brands that matter to consumers who need them.


Like what you just read? Check out this simple, but useful planning framework, designed to help brand leaders like you create an action plan that will guide brands through now to recovery.



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Apr 22, 2020

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