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People of Barkley:
Lexie Winter

People of Barkley:<br> Lexie Winter

Lexie Winter | Strategist

When I was growing up, my mom always said I would either be a lawyer or a comedian. What do those two have in common you may ask? They know how to tell a story in an impactful way. The kind that makes you laugh, cry, lean in and listen.

I’ve always loved to tell stories. From age 3, I took the stage in tutus and ballet slippers. And no, I wasn’t a rising ballerina star…but fifteen years of classes later, I continued to fall in love with the art of dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical — you name it. I loved the methodical rhythm of tap, the free flow and permission to let go in lyrical and the structure and discipline of ballet. It was on the stage, dancing, where I first learned the art of storytelling.

That same love carried over into who I am today. Whether it’s decorating my apartment bringing new life to my grandparent’s old furniture or photographing the places and spaces that I discover.

And when it came to what I wanted to do professionally, I knew this part of myself would be a key piece to that. I have continually asked the question “why?” Always looking for deeper reasoning, questioning status quo and pushing for further understanding - I guess that’s why I ended up in Strategy. I fell in love with the perfect blend of art and science that Strategy brings with a focus on understanding people in deeper ways. I wanted to create work that matters, that makes people feel something and moves them to do something.

What first started as a summer internship, turned into an always rewarding, never-ending learning of 3 years here at Barkley, where I get to tell stories in beautiful, creative ways.

Five Questions with Lexie Winter

What is one thing you can’t live without? 

A moment to pause.

What’s one belief or mantra you wished everyone held? 

“Leave people better than you found them.” A little kindness, empathy and understanding goes a long way.

What's an unpopular opinion you feel strongly about?

Cilantro absolutely tastes like soap.

Who or what is your creative muse? 

Pop culture. It’s what gets me thinking, inspired and excited for endless potential. 

What is something you never thought you'd be able to do, until you actually did it?

A helicopter ride around Oahu. Heights are not my friend.

Anything else we forgot to ask you?

What makes me smile? When I help someone discover their love for Strategy.

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May 02, 2022

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People of Barkley


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