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Kinetic internet jabs ‘inter-not’ companies who leave small towns behind

Kinetic and Barkley jab “inter-not” companies who leave small towns behind

Profit, performance and impact: The success criteria of a whole brand

Fenty Beauty, e.l.f., ViacomCBS and The Washington Post are among this year’s Digiday Content Marketing Awards finalists

Fun at the drive-through: Taco John’s activates quippy speaker box character

WTF is an NFT, Web3 and other metaverse marketing mysteries

Taco John’s drive-thru speaker comes alive in new ads

A new model of brand dominance: How to win by ignoring the marketing funnel

Big O Tires turn reviews into serenades

Big O Tires turns customer reviews into country songs with Barkley

An open letter to Whole Brand Thinkers: Let’s take over the world

Campaign Trail: Honey Bunches of Oats emphasizes self-care to fuel mornings

Honey Bunches of Oats says you’re the ingredient

Barkley offers behind-the-scenes look at AMC’s $25M campaign

Planet Fitness introduces the ‘Fitfluencer’ you absolutely shouldn’t follow

Nicole Kidman tempts you back to the movie in AMC’s largest-ever campaign

AMC is spending $25 million to try to convince you seeing movies in theaters is better than watching them from your couch

AMC Theatres, in a shift, rolls out $25 million ad campaign starring Nicole Kidman

AMC Theatres launches first-ever $25M+ national ad campaign with Nicole Kidman, “We Make Movies Better”

AMC Theatres enlists Nicole Kidman for $25M ad campaign amid delta variant threat

AMC Theatre shells out $25 Million for ad campaign to get people back to the movies

Nicole Kidman starring in AMC Theatres’ $25 million ad campaign

Nicole Kidman stars in AMC Theatres’ $25+ million national advertising campaign… the first-ever for a major theatrical exhibitor

AMC Theatres unveils first national movie theater campaign, $25M ad budget mostly for TV

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