How to build a whole brand. Right now. (REPORT)

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What’s the value of WHOLE BRAND THINKING

Over the past four years, we have conducted extensive research to prove the power of whole brands. Our research shows they are 11X more likely to command a premium price, 3X more likely to be bought most often in their categories, double their competition in market penetration, and are 50% more likely to be recommended to others. This research is represented in our annual State of The Whole Brand report.


While fragmented brands are trying to find their footing, whole brands are evolving across the Whole Brand Spectrum to add real value to the world. This is our work — and our clients are embracing it as theirs, too, finding success and connection with consumers (and all stakeholders) across the spectrum.

Welcome to the Whole Brand Self-Assessment

The proof is clear: Whole brands outperform their fragmented counterparts in all measures. Curious how your brand scores? In this short, 4-minute survey, you can calculate where your brand ranks on the Whole Brand Index and also determine your Market Performance Average and Purpose Score. The sum of these three metrics will produce initial insights based on your results.

Take the self-assessment here.

For a thorough evaluation to help your brand build its biggest future, contact our Chief Growth Officer, Jason Parks, at

Silver | 2023 ANA B2 Business Marketing Awards for Thought Leadership

Download The State of the Whole Brand 2022 Report.

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