WHOLE BRAND THINKING™: Operationalize your culture.

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Whole brands practice what they preach + preach what they practice. Practicing what we call “brand culture” is key to becoming a whole brand. In our first video episode of The Whole Brand Briefing, we’re joined by the preeminent “brand culture” expert, Denise Lee Yohn.

“Independently, brand + culture are powerful, unsung business drivers. But Denise shows that when you fuse the two together to create an interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship between them, you create organizational power that isn’t possible by simply cultivating one or the other alone.” We promise you won’t think about your brand or culture the same way again.


  1. Find your center, and your brand’s core idea, and use it to guide + inspire everything you do.

  2. Create a shared vernacular inside your company, a lingua franca, to ensure everyone is on the same page + speaking the same language.

  3. Measure both your internal + external ideas against your brand foundation, values, purpose, promise, and bold ambition.

Watch the full interview with Denise Lee Yohn here.

This article originally appeared in the Whole Brand Briefing newsletter.

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