Purposed-Powered Commitments: Partners, Planet, Clients + Community.

2021 Impact Report Cover - Wide

The world needs us all to rethink how we’re doing business — now more than ever. As an independent creative idea company, we’re on a mission to build a world with more whole brands — those that see everything they do as a creative opportunity to have a positive impact. A brand has never been about logos and advertising — it’s the sum of every action it takes, from how it treats its employees to how it speaks to the world. 

That starts with us.

Every day, we’re constantly auditing our actions for ways to amplify our commitment to sustainability and equality as a certified B Corporation —  a designation less than 1% of agencies hold. It also means an ongoing commitment from a leadership perspective to set improvement goals and measure our impact in transparent ways. Since 2019, we have been working toward commitments to “add good” through four pillars: Partners, Planets, Clients and Community. This framework has provided a blueprint for where we were, how we can grow and where we can go next. It guides us in terms of employee engagement, how we operate our organization and our commitment to ESG. It’s a recruitment tool for top talent who want to work for an agency focused on “adding good.” And it attracts clients interested in our whole brand approach.

Brand impact is a virtuous loop — when you power your commitments with purpose, you inspire your brand culture to deliver profit and continuous impact.

To see how we are adding good, download our 2021 Impact Report below.

Download the 2021 Barkley Impact Report.

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