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How to build a potent modern brand from the inside out.

Scratch everything you know about brands. Part workbook, part prediction for the future, Scratch is a how-to guide for brands that embrace this new definition in a world where purpose beats interruption — and every action you take matters to the consumers you’re trying to reach.

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Scratch is the result of original, deep-dive studies into Millennial and Gen Z behaviors that show how they’ve influenced mainstream, cross-generational attitudes — driven by an economy where people expect a great brand experience, no matter the category. Quite possibly the most important work you’ll ever do as a business leader, this book could change everything.

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Beyond the Book

While we designed Scratch for business leaders to reimagine their brand’s biggest possible future on their own, we also offer workshops — we call them Scratch Sessions — to accelerate this work. Each session combines a diverse group of hand-picked collaborators who work arm-in-arm with your team to transform what’s possible for your brand.

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These sessions are designed as immersive 48-to-72-hour sessions in a strategically inspired setting, based on the focus of your challenge. Prepare for a high-adrenaline and hyper-focused experience with one sole purpose: to evolve your organization into a brand built for the future.

Scratch Sessions

Each Scratch Session focuses on one of five essential elements that exist inside every potent modern brand.

Where do you want to start?

Red thread: Unearth, articulate and declare a singular idea that will guide and inspire every action your brand takes, from the inside out.

Design: Guide your consumers through every experience of your brand with purpose, consistency, and intention, creating unparalleled brand equity and memorability in the process.

Proof: Discover, imagine, and create useful brand actions that prove your brand’s red thread to the world, ultimately creating powerful word-of-mouth and consumer advocacy opportunities.

True believers: Find and frame the people who love and understand your brand the best— employees and consumers alike — so you can rally them to find and inspire others like them.

Whole brand journey: Explode your red thread in as many ways as possible to create a highly connected, coherent brand that consumers can remember and reach when they need it most.

Custom: Request a Scratch Session designed around your unique needs in any of the following areas: purpose, sustainability, media strategy, content, and social strategy, product or service development, PR, business models, internal brand culture, and innovation strategy.


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