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A message from our CEO + President:

Brands aren’t built in isolation; they grow when every single thing a brand does is working toward the same central idea.

We’ve built our entire company in service of this idea — we call it Whole Brand Thinking™ — and it guides how we pitch, how we win, how we build and impact brands and the world, and how we build our organization.

This focus has fueled our fourth consecutive year of record-setting revenue, with a 70% new business win rate, sustained organic growth, and new project work in everything from sustainability and brand culture to experience design and innovation.

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It also dictates how we grow and nurture Barkley’s own brand. From investing in our monthly knowledge training program “Rocket Science,” to founding the Barkley Creative Accelerator, a program geared to help minority creatives nurture their careers in advertising, we prove that Barkley is as much the campaigns we send out into the world as the investment we put into our own culture.

We also prioritize our status as a Certified B Corporation™, a rare distinction that provides a necessary framework to empower our partners around our core purpose: Add Good. The process it takes to maintain our certification enables us to constantly monitor environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG) that impact our business and its capability to improve financial performance, meet stakeholder expectations, and drive growth. And our own research shows a consistent increase from all stakeholders demanding transparency.

Through our latest State of Purpose research report, we have firmly planted our stake in the ground as an organization that now is the time to double down on our own ESG efforts — and we advise client brands to do the same. It is how we have built resiliency within our own organization, analyzing our risks and opportunities as we measure progress against our goals. As a result, we are continually adjusting our own behaviors that impact climate change, nurture our company culture, and recruit and retain talented partners — with urgency.

This is momentum, and we look forward to measuring it with you, for you, every step of the way.

Jeff King + Dan Fromm

Download The 2022 Barkley Impact Report.

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