The Big Rethink: How to build a brand the world needs.

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“I can’t think of a more vital time for rethinking.”

Adam Grant, Author of “Think Again”


The last two years didn’t just flip the table. They flipped us the bird.

Everybody rethought everything: Life, work, community, society, purpose, sustainability, the role of brands and consumers, stakeholders, employees, communities. The environment.

We changed what we buy and how we buy it — we even asked WHY we buy anything at all and from whom.

People are giving brands and their own behaviors a good, solid rethink right now. And they are the ones that define your brand. They’re reading your receipts. Looking up and down your supply chain. Making sure your story checks out.

And that’s great news. Because all people want is a straight story, the whole truth and a chance to bring their whole self to their work. And you can give it to them.

So you know all your company’s dots. Can you draw a straight line through them? Your social media says all the right things. Does that reflect your company culture?

Your marketing tells a great story. Do your employees buy it?

In “The Big Rethink,” your brand needs to be rethought. For the past decade, nobody has invested more in understanding the way modern consumers and employees think and act more than we have, revealing why some brands succeed and others don’t.


The mindset cutting-edge organizations are using to redefine brands and create massive change and growth, inside and out.

Where every action an organization takes is the brand and everything is communication.

Where brand is not what you say but what you do.

Where the brand is everyone’s responsibility, not just the marketing department.

Where your employees know why you do what you do and their jobs are clear every day.

Where both your customers and employees know and believe in what you stand for.

Where success blooms even in a world gone dark.

Where profit, performance and impact on people, communities and the planet grow as one, inextricably, powerfully, purposefully.

Where brands are twice as likely to be recommended as their fractured competitors, with a 40% increase in market share and employee satisfaction running 85% higher.

Where business is a force for good in the world.

I’m on a mission to build a world with more whole brands, those ​​that spread their strength across a defined set of actions, grow faster, win more customers and have stronger cultures than the competition — those that act as a force for good.

The world needs us all to rethink how we’re doing business. That starts with here. Inspired? Join me at The Whole Brand Project, where we’re rallying innovative thinkers from all industries to come along.


This article originally appeared in on January 5, 2022.

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