This Modern Brand (S1E3) Our experts break down ads from the "Big Game" (PODCAST)

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Certain brands dominate both the markets and the hearts of consumers. This podcast is all about finding out why, one brand at a time.

Welcome to This Modern Brand . . . the podcast where we go behind the scenes with some of America’s most influential brands to break down their strategies, values, and innovations — finding takeaways for the everyday marketer.

S1E3 of This Modern Brand features host Jason Parks and guests Berk Wasserman, Sue Salvi, and Josie Ellerbee as they break down the standout commercials from Super Bowl LVIII, delving into the Big Game’s biggest themes, including A-list celebs and humor vs. emotion themes. Barkley’s Dave Gutting leads an epic Brand Battle this week featuring three iconic beverage brands that are poised to continue to score big.

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