This Modern Brand (S1E4) Motel 6's VP, Marketing Jenna Berg (PODCAST)

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Certain brands dominate both the markets and the hearts of consumers. This podcast is all about finding out why, one brand at a time.

Welcome to This Modern Brand . . . the podcast where we go behind the scenes with some of America’s most influential brands to break down their strategies, values, and innovations — finding takeaways for the everyday marketer.

BarkleyOKRP’s Jason Parks and Jen Mazi dive into the evolution of an iconic brand with Jenna Berg, the VP of Marketing at Motel 6. Jenna shares her career journey, from her beginnings in advertising to her pivotal role in shaping the modern identity of Motel 6. Discover how Motel 6 has shifted its focus from being just a value brand to a brand with values, embracing DEI+B while maintaining its mission of making travel accessible for all with a clean, comfortable room and great low rate. Join us as we explore the strategies behind Motel 6’s successful marketing campaigns and its commitment to supporting diverse communities.

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