This Modern Brand (S1E5) Cotopaxi's VP, Impact + Sustainability Annie Agle (PODCAST)

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Certain brands dominate both the markets and the hearts of consumers. This podcast is all about finding out why, one brand at a time.

Welcome to This Modern Brand . . . the podcast where we go behind the scenes with some of America’s most influential brands to break down their strategies, values, and innovations — finding takeaways for the everyday marketer.

Hosts Jason Parks and Lindsey DeWitte kick off B-Corp month in conversation with Annie Agle, VP of Impact and Sustainability at Cotopaxi, one of our favorite B-Corp brands. Annie discusses the rigor of maintaining B-Corp status and how Cotopaxi’s empowerment of employees has far-reaching effects. Does their “Gear for Good” tagline hold up against their ambitious environmental and human-centric goals? Tune in and find out.

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