This Modern Brand (S1E9) Every Man Jack's VP, Marketing Ellie Off (PODCAST)

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Certain brands dominate both the markets and the hearts of consumers. This podcast is all about finding out why, one brand at a time.

Welcome to This Modern Brand . . . the podcast where we go behind the scenes with some of America’s most influential brands to break down their strategies, values, and innovations — finding takeaways for the everyday marketer.

Your brand’s purpose might lead consumers to you the first time, but you’ll need more than that to bring them back. A clean brand before clean brands were a thing, Every Man Jack went from a line of great-smelling men’s shower products to a B Corp advocate for people, communities, and the planet. Hosts Jason Parks and Mariah Haberman talk about the purpose of purpose with Ellie Off, VP of Marketing at Every Man Jack.

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