Whole Brand Thinking™ on Content.

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What trends, themes, surprises, or disruptions have you seen regarding Content in the last 12 months?

One of the biggest disruptors in the Content space over the last several months is the progression of AI. With new tools and capabilities expanding so rapidly, whole brands should be paying attention and jumping in. AI can help create content for brands that have struggled with it. But beyond that, AI can help identify trends and inform where to go next. 

What does it mean for aspiring whole brands?

Initially, some may fear that AI will replace the need for content creators. While that may happen, whole brands should look past the short-term fad of AI-generated content and focus on how AI will become part of the content engine long-term. Because if we know anything about social, consumers want authenticity.

Advice for whole brand thinkers on Content:

  • Learn to use AI to augment your work as a content creator with an eye on efficiencies.

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