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What trends, themes, surprises, or disruptions have you seen around Purpose in the last 12 months?

Whole brands don’t look at purpose activation solely as a marketing tactic, though that’s how some brands approach their efforts: focused on communication and paying lip service to vague goals. In this scenario, they are not only bound to fail, but they’re also missing the opportunities to inspire their organization, spark innovation, create more impactful experiences, and take their place in history as a leader among peers. 

Consumers are mindful of this short-sighted approach and are not afraid to call out a brand or ignore it. They won’t simply accept a brand’s narrative about being socially and environmentally responsible; they demand proof of commitments supported by brand action.

What does this mean for aspiring whole brands?

Purpose today isn’t a marketing tool; it’s an everything tool. It’s an ideology that can and should guide and inspire everything your brand does, inside and out. Such actions lead to extraordinary plus points — an engaged workforce and consumer base, better innovation, stronger stakeholder relationships, and increased revenue and brand equity.

Advice for Whole Brand Thinkers on Purpose:

  • Create an actionable plan, informed by goals and commitments to people, the planet and communities.

  • Measure success holistically, beyond profit and shareholder return.

  • Share your authentic sustainability, purpose, and ESG stories across your whole brand, at every touchpoint. Brands with a purposeful story embedded into their brand positioning are better placed to tell stories of action that link back to their purpose.

  • Inspire your employees to tell stories with you, and for you.

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