Why Independence Day in January?

Independence Day Website Hero - Wide

A Barkley Meaningfesto.

Independence is a state of mind. A vibe. A muse. A cultural provocateur, guerrilla for good, a short order for the long haul.

It’s an open brief that inspires bravery. To experiment and use our creativity, everywhere, to solve problems and spark opportunities — with intention! With integrity! With exclamations!

It’s what turns meeting rooms and Zoom rooms into laboratories for change, and gives 550+ Rocket People something to help build and make our own.

It's how we became a Certified B Corp and continue to lead with creative ideas, big and small.

We’re on a mission to build a world with whole brands that measure success beyond profit and performance — by their impact on people, communities, and the planet.

Today, we celebrate the freedom to practice creativity without borders, without constraints, by the dead reckoning of our own aliveness.

We not only create ideas; we are an idea. Here’s to independence.

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