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How we do it.

We work with leading category executives to approach challenges and opportunities with a design-build mentality that is rooted in evidence-based intelligence, and applies structure and requirements through the development and “build” of in-market ideas. 

We lead and support initiatives from intelligence-to-market, providing clients and their teams with strategic oversight, program support and tangible decision-making to avoid barriers and translation issues often encountered in the category.

Why Barkley Health Innovations

Barkley is in the business of growing companies through a deep understanding of modern consumers and through WHOLE BRAND THINKING™. 

Our Health Innovations group is the tip of the spear of that effort and is deeply ingrained with clients in shaping future growth and competitive advantage.  

We believe human insights are the single biggest untapped advantage for creating breakthrough growth and transformation for healthcare organizations and the category at large.

What we believe

Areas where we contribute to client innovation

  1. One-Size-Fits-One

  2. A.I.M. Before You Fire

  3. Win Inside to Win Outside™

  4. Inclusive : Innovation as Insight : Idea

  5. Don’t Just Create → Activate

Fast Facts

  • 7

    net-new brands taken to market.

  • 42

    healthcare clients served.

  • $113M

    funds secured for client innovations.

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Strategic Planning: If you don’t have a clear and differentiating strategy, innovation isn’t going to be very effective. We help you develop plans that are impactful, effective and innovation-accelerating.

Growthspotting + Futurecasting: We use data and insights to pinpoint the whitespace opportunities relative to your customer and competitive landscape.

Solution + Financial Modeling: From conjoint studies to demand landscapes to pro formas, we put the rigor around key assumptions to de-risk your innovation efforts.

Human Insight + Problem ID: Rather than falling in love with a solution, we start by falling in love with the problem through the gathering of insights in a mixed method approach (qualitative and quantitative).

Design + Development: We design and develop brands, products, services and experiences using human-centered design methodologies, blueprinting, rapid prototyping and requirements gathering to outline new businesses or transform existing.

Go-To-Market Activation: We stand up and supplement the in-market presence of new products, services and brands in avenues ranging from operational to marketing.

Culture & Operating Model Strategy: An element often overlooked but critical to success. As such, it sits at the heart of everything we do. Without purposeful focus on the environment surrounding your strategy and innovation, even the best concepts can be watered down or rendered obsolete.


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Sam Meers
EVP / Healthcare + Finance
Jason Spacek
EVP / Health Innovations
Jimmy Keown
VP / Growth Strategy Director
Ken Chang
Director / Health Innovations