Getting to Know Gen Z: How the Pivotal Generation is Different From Millennials

NEW RESEARCH: Introducing the Pivotal Generation Z

We have essential new Barkley/FutureCast research to share regarding the up-and-coming consumer generation: Generation Z.

Today’s teens – members of what we’re calling the Pivotal Generation– are quickly becoming one of the most powerful forces in our market, with an influence on nearly $44 billion in discretionary spending a year.

This means that businesses across industry verticals must not think of this generation as just angsty teens that everyone wishes would grow up, but rather as powerful market consumers. As they continue to form their own brand preferences and develop personal buying behaviors, they will have a strong influence on the direction our market will go, making it necessary for brands to be on the forefront of their expectations.

Our latest research report, Getting to Know Gen Z: How the Pivotal Generation is Different From Millennials, takes a deep dive into these expectations and identifies how Gen Z is pivoting away from past generations to create a unique identity all their own.

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The Gen Z Pivotal Mindset


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