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Big O Tires: The Magnet Dragnet campaign.

Nails puncture roughly seven tires every single second, adding up to nearly 220 million flat tires every year. And as one of the leading purveyors of tires in the United States, Big O Tires felt it was their duty to protect them from untimely destruction — raising the awareness of its brand as a result.

Modern Consumer Insight

People don’t trust mechanics, but who better to trust than the people trying to eliminate flats altogether?


Since the invention of the wheel, nails have been preying on tires. And as defenders of all things round and rubber, Big O Tires took this personally. To protect unsuspecting tires, and drive brand engagement while we were at it, we needed to find a solution larger than the problem itself.


Meet the Magnet Dragnet, a badass tank with an overly powerful magnet designed to suck nails off the roads. We equipped this giant, nail-pulverizing tank with a rare-earth magnet designed to obliterate the threat by sucking every last nail off the streets. This beastly road savior is now rolling across the country, picking up all sorts of metal debris, and protecting tires around every corner.



Brand engagement increase


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