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Braunability: Drive for Inclusion campaign.

As the leading manufacturer of mobility transportation solutions, BraunAbility wanted to do more to advocate for its customers and make a broader impact, fulfilling its vision to change lives of people with mobility disabilities.

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As we dove into the assignment, we made an alarming discovery: there was hardly any research on the disability community and people with mobility disabilities, who represent 1 in 7 adults. The few studies that existed were clinical, disjointed or too small. Research tools simply weren’t designed to adequately represent people with disabilities. 


BraunAbility needed to better define what it stood for and engage the greater mobility disability audience in order to raise awareness for the challenges faced by this community amongst the general public.  And, in a time when diversity, equity and inclusion were rising to the top of social justice and corporate agendas, the voices of people with mobility disabilities were not being heard or included in product development, accommodations or other solutions.


Inclusion starts by hearing from people with mobility disabilities. And so we created a way for those voices to be included: Drive for Inclusion, the first-ever global movement to unite everyone with a mobility disability in an online community called The Driving Force, mobilize them for change, and most importantly, ensure their voices are finally heard. The Driving Force is the insight engine and content machine that fuels the entire movement. With their input, we created brand actions by them, for them and with them, and then shared insights, data and stories to bridge the gap between people in wheelchairs and the general public. 



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People with mobility disabilities involved in The Driving Force