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Cargill: A More Beautiful Barn campaign.

After experiencing shrinking margins and decreased sales, Cargill Turkey & Cooked Meats came to us shift the paradigm from buying turkey as a commodity to making a choice.

Modern Consumer Insight

Our research indicated people want to know where their food comes from.


The image of poultry farming in America is ugly. Cargill needed consumers to know its brand, Honeysuckle White, raised turkey differently: by partnering with 700 independent farmers living out their own unique stories of history, heritage and heart.


In addition to national print and digital advertising and new packaging design, we hired street artists from around the world to create custom murals that told the stories about farmers’ passion for their life’s work. We created “A More Beautiful Barn,” a short-film series that documented the entire process from concept to painting to reveal on the three farms and shared it with through social media and a contextually targeted digital media.



Increase in total reach


The number of consumers driven to the “Where to Buy” page of website


Increase in impressions