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Evidence-happy strategy.

Dairy Queen: Happy Tastes Good campaign.

For more than 80 years, DQ has inspired some of life’s happiest moments. To help rebrand in a category fueled by negativity, we took a stand for "happy" in the most provocative way possible: by staying provocatively positive.

Modern Consumer Insight

We all crave happiness. Yet somewhere between meme fails and biting Twitter responses, culture hijacked happy– leaving millions hungry for content rooted in joy and positivity.


From internet feuds to burger boycotts, fast food often capitalizes on the negativity we see in our social feeds. But for DQ, a brand that stands for happiness, negativity isn’t in their DNA.


We made a simple, yet powerful declaration that could only come from DQ: Happy Tastes Good. From happy actions, product design, and smile-making GIFS, Happy Tastes Good inspired every action and piece of communication we put out into the world. And it worked.



increase in social interactions


earned media impressions


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