Reframing fast food for fan love.

Dairy Queen

When Dairy Queen asked us to reinvent the legacy brand for modern consumer love, we knew we needed to deepen customer relationships and communicate a new brand idea through new channels.

Modern Consumer Insight

Through our strategic process, we uncovered this fundamental difference between DQ and fast food: Dairy Queen doesn’t serve fast food. It made food that created fans.


We wanted to re-energize the brand in a way that rallied DQ fans, from the consumers and employees to the franchisees and towns. We also needed to get into the fast food conversation and differentiate all at the same time.


A new tagline, Fan Food. Not fast food. transformed every aspect of the brand from local store marketing to product development. And to kick it all off, we enlisted our #1 Fan and owner, Warren Buffett, to serve the First Blizzard of Summer.



increase in all major advertising effectiveness scores


increase in annual sales in a flat category


consecutive quarters of positive sales after campaign launch