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Delta: “The Unexpected Power of Change” campaign.

No year has been more demanding on life at home than 2020. As millions work, school and parent under the same roof, the need for change (particularly in the home) has never been higher.

Modern Consumer Insight

The home improvement category focuses on big, trendy makeovers. But in a reality where our entire lives are happening in the home, even small improvements can make a huge difference in our day, space and world. 


While culture is celebrating the big, over-the-top home makeovers and transformations, Delta wanted to show Americans that meaningful transformation doesn’t have to be as daunting as a full home makeover.


Under an updated brand position, “Power Lasting Change,” we created a national campaign that showed meaningful impact could be made with small, simple changes around the little moments that happen each and every day. Coming to life across TV, social, digital, and print, the campaign celebrated the relatable home moments that showcase the transformative power of Delta® products. Among the moments: a glass rinser turned dish-dodging siblings into an eager pair of helping hands, a bathroom sink turned a tooth-brushing toddler into a tidy rinser, and a two-in-one shower head even made a cat reconsider his opinion on water in general.