Redefining sweet traditions.

Dairy Queen: Break the Cliché

For Valentine’s Day, DQ wanted to launch a smaller, heart-shaped version of their delicious soft serve cakes.

Modern Consumer Insight

For today’s consumer, Valentine’s Day is the most unoriginal, clichéd gifting occasion of the year. In fact, 62% of Americans receive cliché gifts on this holiday.


For decades, consumers have exchanged flowers and chocolates in what can be an eye-rolling tradition for many. We wanted DQ fans to rewrite their gift-giving destiny with a more original, more indulgent way to show their love.


We launched the DQ #BreaktheCliche campaign, calling out all of the tropes of the holiday, starting with a parody of the jewelry commercials that make us all cringe. This ran during Saturday Night Live, when viewers couldn’t tell if it was a commercial or a sketch, and supported it with content online. We even sold those iconic red spoon in a romantically rectangular velvet necklace box.



Online cake sales increased


Media impressions


Plastic spoons sold


Cease and desist letter from the florist trade association