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An iconic treat turned olfactory experience.

DQ: Fall Blizzard Candle Collection campaign.

For a brand synonymous with summer, DQ wanted to carry its Blizzard menu into fall with seasonally relevant flavors like Pumpkin Pie to compete with the Starbucks and McDonalds giants.

Modern Consumer Insight

America is obsessed with fall: leaves, cozy sweaters, and of course, treats. 

But nowhere does autumnal passion burn brighter than with fall-scented candles. It’s a $3 billion category, with 70% of sales between October and December.


How could the DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Menu break through the crowd and the competition? And, with only a $10,000 budget? To help its Fall Blizzard Treat Menu catch fire, DQ needed to give the nation what they didn’t need, but desperately wanted—another candle line.


After countless wafts, whiffs and sniffs of different scent formulas, we created the unique experience of not eating a Blizzard but smelling one — and introduced the first-ever Fall Blizzard Treat Candle Collection. 

Visual inspo came with a DQ twist: Design of the candle packaging mimicked the iconic Blizzard cup, featuring a branded cobalt blue candle jar. The jar toppers showcased real images of the Blizzard flavors. Each candle served as a 60-hour reminder of DQ’s fall flavors made with world famous soft serve.

Social posts drove fans to a microsite where they claimed their set, which came in a Fall Blizzard branded box that was front and center in countless unboxing videos. In mere seconds, the entire collection of 200 boxes sold out.