Evidence-happy strategy.

DQ: Happy Tastes Good

In an ultra-competitive category, we repositioned DQ for the future by going back to the roots of what makes the brand truly special.

Modern Consumer Insight

Today’s millennial parents grew up going to DQ for little league post-game celebrations, summer road trips, or impromptu visits that turned into lifelong memories. Now, as these millennials enter the sweet spot of parenting, they’re looking for new ways to relive and remake those childhood memories with their own children. Our “Happy Tastes Good” campaign celebrates the emotional connection these “sweet spotter” parents already have with the brand, through relatable moments that remind them what makes DQ unique.


How does an iconic brand evolve from a signature campaign that in many ways had transformed the organization over the past five years, while staying true to its roots and core values? That was the challenge DQ faced heading into 2019. Our assignment was to reposition the brand and launch a new, integrated marketing campaign to coincide with DQ’s peak Spring and Summer season.


First, we leveraged the brand’s annual “Free Cone Day” event as the perfect teaser to the new campaign with “Happy Hypothesis,” a study to scientifically test the obvious: that a free DQ soft serve cone makes people happy. Two weeks later, the happiest campaign launched in earnest with new TV, radio and social media creative, highlighting relatable moments and tapping into the emotional connection America already has with DQ.



Store Traffic


Year-over-year sales during the first week of the campaign


consecutive weeks of positive weekly U.S. sales growth during DQ’s peak summer season