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IHOP: Burger Blast campaign.

IHOP: Burger Blast campaign.

Known primarily for pancakes, IHOP has a full menu beyond breakfast, which is why the iconic restaurant chain came to us to launch a new line of burgers to an audience hungry for more.

Modern Consumer Insight

When we directly ask customers what they like and use that information to tailor communications to them, they’re hungrier for both IHOP content and food. They’re more willing to share when it’s gamified and comes with relevant messaging.


IHOP needed to create an engaging, dynamic campaign to support the unveiling of its three new steak burgers and generate both excitement and revenue for the launch. The goal? To break through a burger-saturated market and launch new products outside its wheelhouse. 


Partnering with dynamic content vendor Movable Ink, we launched a live poll in the initial email for this promotion, updating in real time as subscribers cast their vote for which burger they wanted to try. Subscribers could revisit the email throughout the day to see which burger was trending as the top choice. 

We then put this data to work later in the campaign window, sending out a follow-up email, highlighting the burger menu. For those who cast their vote in the poll email, the burger they voted for was featured as an animated GIF hero image.



Lift in click-through rate vs. IHOP average


New data points on IHOP subscribers


Spike in online sales