Kansas City Design Week 2016

Barkley worked with KC Design Week to develop the identity system for the entire 2016 experience. Our goal was to create not only an identity system, but a platform through which designers and the greater creative community of Kansas City could come together.


Flags represent a universal visual language that is both simple and deep. Simple, in that they contain a common visual language to which we all can respond. And deep, in that the symbology of flags has the power to represent both who we are and what we believe.

For KC Design Week, Barkley created a whole system of flags (32 in all); each one featuring a unique symbol to represent one singular aspect of design and the creative process. When combined, these flags tell a larger story about those things we all have in common.


These flags were waved both as print and digital elements. They became cards, outdoor boards, guerrilla walls, posters, guides, a website, a map, print­-on-­demand t­shirts, limited edition posters and a social campaign created by us and the KC design community.


Our entire group was thrilled with the partnership with Barkley this year. The team brought incredible expertise, vision, drive and heart to our event. We can’t thank you enough!