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Teach for America: Leaders as Teachers campaign.

Potential is equally distributed across lines of race and class, but in America today, opportunity is not. Teach For America is working for the day when every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and lead. They do this by placing leaders as teachers into the classrooms that need them most.

Modern Consumer Insight

The reality is consumers trust the word of each other far more than brands and corporations. Knowing this, we put the teacher’s real life stories front and center in our communication.


In a crowded market for charitable giving and education initiatives, we had to build awareness and create memorable communication in support of Teach for America KC’s 10-year anniversary. Developing a new design system for the brand and telling the story of ten busy educators in the fall semester proved as challenging as meeting TFA’s ambitious fundraising goals.


We brought to life compelling answers to the question “What does real leadership look like?” in telling the story of ten educators and bringing the community together in support of TFA. Society celebrates leadership, from the CEO to the NBA player. We wanted to treat our teacher’s stories with the same level of passion in the way we portrayed them.



Eclipsed 10-year anniversary gala attendance goal by over 200.


Exceeding TFA’s original fundraising goal by 50%.


Raised over $750,000 dollars.