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Creating a
lucky chance
to educate.

Missouri Lottery: Cause and Effect campaign.

Since 1986, the Missouri Lottery has contributed more than $6 billion to Missouri's Public Schools, supporting infrastructure updates, scholarships, special needs programming and many other great causes.

Modern Consumer Insight

We interviewed Missouri Lottery players at the point of purchase and  learned that while nearly all players know that Lottery funds support our schools, about half didn’t make the connection that they were doing a good thing just by playing.


Our challenge was to show Missourians that they are philanthropists every time they buy a Missouri Lottery ticket.


Education is powerful and can be a magical catalyst in the lives of young Missourians. We used the Missouri Lottery’s most visible point of purchase, their vending machines which are located in hundreds of locations across the state. Working with top animators, we highlighted the powerful effect every dollar spent on lottery games has.