Lead Forensics

Bringing big
game to the
Show-Me State.

Missouri Lottery: Little Taste of Big Adventure campaign.

Every year, lottery players look forward to summer promotions—a lucky opportunity to enter non-winning tickets for a second-chance prize. This time, we wanted to inspire players to dream bigger about where adventures could take them.

Modern Consumer Insight

Research shows many consumers fall into vacation ruts. They take the same trips, stay in the same places, eat in the same restaurants.


The Missouri Lottery must produce all of their TV commercials in-state. This meant that we weren’t able to travel to the Serengeti, the Australian Outback or Yellowstone National Park to shoot the campaign. It was also impractical (and potentially unsafe) to film with some of the exotic animals found in these locations.


We gave Missouri Lottery players a little taste of the big adventures they could win by creating miniature versions of each destination and filming them right here in Missouri. Each destination was filled with appropriate wildlife like a chihuahua bald eagle, a miniature horse dressed as a moose, and a zeal of guinea pig zebras.