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Motel 6: “Bring Back the Trucker Horn Salute” social action.

Motel 6 needed to celebrate truck drivers in a way that proved we know, celebrate and understand this audience better than most.

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A major subset of Motel 6’s guests are truckers. They keep our shelves stocked, hospitals equipped and homes running — even during a global pandemic. Yet, these open road warriors are often misunderstood and not getting the credit they deserve.


A once popular salute to truckers has vanished. People used to pump their fists and get truckers to blow their horns … but they’ve stopped. And truckers miss it because that interaction was sometimes the best part of a trucker’s lonely day on the road.


To show our appreciation for America’s truck drivers, Motel 6 launched a campaign to bring back the Trucker Horn Salute.