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Planet Fitness: Hiss of Shame campaign.

When it comes to gym culture, there are rules established that intimidate people, ultimately making them feel like they do not belong in fitness. One of those rules comes from trendy fitness boutiques that have turned working out into a competition. It's not enough to show up and put in the effort — at these classes, you’re either at the top of the leaderboard or at the bottom, being shamed.

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The fitness industry would have you believe that competition is motivating when working out. However, it doesn’t work for 80% of the population. In fact, 68% of non gym-members are demotivated by competition, leaderboards, diagnostics, and competitive head-to-heads. The fitness category has gotten so competitive, intense, and cultish that many people decide not to even start.


New Year’s is a pivotal time when people consider starting to exercise. But, most people fall short of joining a gym because they’re too intimidated by the negativity and competition of fitness culture. So, how could Planet Fitness remove the intimidation factor and show that there’s a more realistic way to work out?


On the first of January, PF released a new TV spot roasting the over-intense spin category, which became an instant rallying cry for all those who want to workout, but who don’t in fear of being shamed. The “Hiss” execution reinforced Planet Fitness as the right choice for anyone who wants a pressure-free fitness experience that doesn’t include screaming instructors. Sorry Peloton and Soul Cycle.