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From a
core idea to
a culture shift.

Planet Fitness: Rewriting the rules of fitness campaigns.

With more than 2000 franchise locations, Planet Fitness wanted a core idea — what we call a red thread — to unify its membership of 15 million people while defining a new approach to fitness.

Modern Consumer Insight

Everyone knows they need to exercise, but 80% of the US population still doesn’t belong to a gym.


The fitness industry has unrealistic “rules” that say we should be skinnier, stronger, more intense and more attractive. Planet Fitness wanted to shift culture and create a more inclusive brand of fitness for all.


Planet Fitness is rewriting the rules of fitness by calling “bullfit” on unrealistic #fitspo, expensive memberships, boutique studio classes, unrealistic body images, and misinformation that intimidates the 80% from working out. 

Fueled by this central idea, we took on the industry’s biggest offenders, made our own parody product, used our platform to speak the language of the 80% and put a gym in people’s pockets with short workouts that can be done anywhere. We offered free membership to teens during the summer, and brought the judgement-free zone to homes everywhere during quarantine.



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