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Distilling a
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Riceland: Brand packaging refresh.

Riceland: Brand packaging refresh.

Rice is one of the world’s most important commodities, usually sold in generic packaging for a commodity mindset. Until now, Riceland has been no exception. With nearly 100 years of tradition behind it, this Midwestern growers’ co-op wanted to reposition itself as a modern food brand.

Modern Consumer Insight

Based on the demand driven research, we learned that consumers don’t spend much time at the shelf so messaging needs to be clear and informative and the design needs to capture their attention.


We sought to stand out in a demanding competitive landscape, solve retailers’ problems in displaying rice in their stores, and meet modern consumers’ expectations for informed shopping by highlighting food pairings, specific cuisines, and cooking methods for each variety.

Across all food service packaging, we identified 19 different fonts and 13 different colors being used which uncovered the opportunity to develop a cohesive design across all branded items.


We refreshed the full retail and food service packaging product line-up and launched new innovation through new packaging technologies such as the resealable pouches.

Our design system for Riceland features an engaging visual approach and brand voice that highlights our farmers and food. For packaging, food takes center stage. To spark consumers’ imaginations and bring rice into their consideration set, we pulled key design elements into a unified whole:

• A bright, modern look for shelf impact
• Highly visible variety callouts
• A vibrant color system tied to variety as a memory cue
• Quick-read dietary claims
• A distinctive “United We Grow” bug, highlighting the
co-op ethos
• Simple, clear cooking instructions
• A distilled brand story to spotlight farmers

As Riceland’s distribution expands and the brand becomes more closely identified with new consumer food choices, our solution is designed to flex new packaging muscle well into the brand’s next 100 years.


1st, Resealable Pouches
NCFC (National Council of Farmer Cooperatives)
Cooperative Information Fair

3rd, Pillow Packs
NCFC (National Council of Farmer Cooperatives)
Cooperative Information Fair