Brand-building blueprints.

Scratch: How to build a potent modern brand from the inside out

Years of research into generational mindsets inspired us to create and share our process to connect brands with consumers—in a world where fragmented, intrusive marketing-only messaging is no longer enough.

Modern Consumer Insight

People don’t want to be part of a brand’s story. They want brands to be part of theirs.


After a decade spent studying how Millennial and Gen Z behaviors have influenced mainstream, cross-generational consumer mindsets, we wanted to translate these insights into a step-by-step guide business leaders could use to build their brand’s biggest possible future.


Part workbook, part prediction for the future, Scratch is a how-to guide for brands that embrace the idea that their brand is everything they do, inside and out. And it’s our answer to the question: If we were building a potent modern brand today that could transcend generational lines and survive in the expectation economy, what are the foundational things we would do? In other words, knowing what we know now, how would we build a brand from scratch?


10 years

of original, deep-dive research

2 years

of development

296 pages

of fresh thinking