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ShopRite: Clean in Peace

Though few in the grocery industry promote their in-house brands, ShopRite wanted to make its own brands household names.

Modern Consumer Insight

The Paperbird household products campaign, “Clean in Peace,” is built around a universal truth: most of the messes we clean up are not our own. They are the messes their offspring, friends, and relatives carelessly make with no regard for the sanctuary of clean they’re so casually destroying.


When the Wakefern supermarket chain relaunched its in-house household goods brand, Paperbird, ShopRite needed to pivot its strategy from in-store promotional discounts to a campaign based on consumer insight and behavior—a rarity in the industry.


Inspired by real-life messmakers, the work plays on the theme that Paperbird, with calming, highly-designed, and highly-effective products, can turn moments of rage into moments of zen. The “Clean in Peace” campaign covered TV, digital, out-of-home and radio in the nine states where ShopRite stores are located.



Lift in brand awareness


Increase in purchase intent


Increase in net sales