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Reinventing the private-label experience.

ShopRite: Bowl & Basket campaign.

As private labels are becoming go-to staples for discerning consumers in their romps through the grocery aisles, ShopRite needed a memorable launch for its own in-house lines that would impact how shoppers viewed them as a brand.

Modern Consumer Insight

Recent trends show large retailers shifting focus to in-house brands, with private labels growing four times as much as national brands—representing a $5.5 billion opportunity. 


Historically, store brands have focused on the budget-conscious consumer but lacked brand experience. We set out to reinvent ShopRite’s private-label experiences by committing to best-in-class products, assortment and design-led brands.


We designed in-store experiences and two separate creative campaigns: The Paperbird “Clean in Peace” campaign showcases a new line of household products that transform those moments of rage when messes are made into moments of clean calm. The Bowl & Basket campaign “For Life’s Recipe” celebrates the recipes behind the everyday moments we often cherish the most. Taking inspiration from the product name, the narratives come to life using the ampersand from Bowl & Basket—pairing life’s ingredients together. The new campaigns just launched mid-November—preliminary results are strong.