Smart Style

As a brand in the Regis haircare family, SmartStyle needed a repositioning strategy that proved the salon chain could be more than a high quality, efficient cut—they wanted to be a champion and partner in modern family productivity.

Modern Consumer Insight

Everyone in the family is being asked to get more done in a day . . . not just Mom.


We needed to reposition SmartStyle as a family salon in order to meet the needs of every potential guest, break through the noise of Walmart to better foot traffic, and most of all, surprise and delight consumers.


We developed a new core idea to align and inspire all campaigns and communications: SmartStyle helps you Get Hair Done. Housed in Walmart, the spiritual home of getting stuff done, SmartStyle’s new position promise consumers not just a great haircut, but an easier day. can knock out your whole to-do list in one place and get a sharp, new cut while you’re at it