Human-centered healthcare.

Spira Care

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City partnered with us to answer the question, “What is the future of healthcare?” What began as simple Millennial research grew to a small revolution for Blue KC—and a rapid evolution in how Barkley collaborates.

Modern Consumer Insight

Our research proved that the challenges in healthcare shouldn’t be solved by high-tech solutions. People want and need real, meaningful and personal one-on-one experiences.


We needed to build a place with members rather than a plan for patients—in collaboration not only with our partners, but with 450+ potential members to design and test Care Center concepts.


With our architectural partners, we literally built member experience from the ground up, from each clinic’s look and feel to materials and surfaces to service offerings free from copays, deductibles or fees for any procedure performed on-site—all included for the lowest monthly premium of any tier in Blue KC’s offering.



Net Promoter Score—Most highly recommended offering in Blue KC's product portfolio.


Growth in member enrollment over an 8-week period.


Care Centers are currently open in the Kansas City metro, with plans for expansion in 2020.