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Spirit Airlines: Bare Fare Crop Circles

Spirit Airlines: Bare Fare Crop Circles

On the heels of a recent rebrand, Spirit was entering the Kansas City market for the first time. Without a big media budget, we need to leverage every customer touchpoint to unairline the airline business and get noticed—even at 30,000 feet.

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Unlike most urban airports, Kansas City is surrounded by farmland, a perfect opportunity to play to a captive audience inside the carrier, bored and ready to take their phones off airplane mode.


Spirit set out to make Kansas City the new “Home of the Bare Fare.” We needed a grand introduction into the market with something that could garner social media buzz, media chatter and start discussion about Spirit’s business model—all with a fraction of a typical airline’s marketing budget.


We worked with a local farmer and media company to create a crop circle the size of 20 football fields near the Kansas City International Airport. In the shape of Spirit’s “Bare Fare” logo, this unconventional billboard spread the word of the airline’s ultra-low fares and directed people back to spirit.com.