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Prior to the release of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider," the third installment of the modern reboot of the iconic video game series, fan reactions to the original trailer focused primarily on the dark nature of the video game. Square Enix needed to shift the conversation away from the brutal scenes to how entertaining the game truly is in spirit.

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True story: the internet loves cats and dogs.


Square Enix needed to reignite its core audience of gamers, reach the masses, and overcome press fatigue in the weeks leading up to game launch to drive awareness and pre-order sales. Then, it needed to shift the social conversation from brutal scenes and counterbalance the dark intensity of “Shadow of The Tomb Raider” back to how entertaining the game truly is.


Shadow of The Cute Raider took fans from “eww” to “aww” with a live-action, scene-by-scene reenactment of the suspenseful original game trailer, but with an adorable and cuddly animal cast.



YouTube video views achieved globally.


Pre-orders soared a single week.


The video earned two times more views than the original video game trailer.